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What started in 2013 as a sewing related blog has become today a business devoted to the sale of patterns and magazines. Our experience in pattern drafting and designs together with our passion for adults and children clothing alike has made of Patrones de Mujer a fascinating journey that has required much work and effort.

The first children patterns magazine devoted to children clothing was published in 2016 as the natural evolution of the blog patronesmujer. From the beginning it was very well received and it was distributed in fabric stores, Amazon and in our web patronesmujer.com.

Encouraged by our followers, in 2018 we started to publish patronesmujer, devoted to sewing clothing for women. Due to this new development we starting publishing the magazine 4 times a year as opposed to just annually. Our magazine started to enter new markets so we added the German and French options to the existing Spanish and English one in 2019. We called them Moda!woman and Moda!kids. Since 2019 our magazine is published 4 times a year in 4 languages.

Thanks to our presence in social media and our youtube channel, our magazine patronesdemujer has become the most trusted magazine amongst those who love sewing. It happens more and more often that when people discover the satisfaction of creating they join the trend to create their own clothing keeping in mind the important thing is not the result but enjoying the time devoted to sewing and the satisfaction of wearing something made by you.

INPATEX S.L is still a family business. It has 3 full time workers, someone responsible of the creative side of the business, the making of the clothing and the commercial distribution together with a big number of specialized autonomous workers. In order to make a magazine, 10 people are required in all. My goal is to create useful patterns with Spanish flair.

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